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Good to Great

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This is the story of a dedicated teacher and his sense of service to his community. Do such contributions go unnoticed in our society....or we do take notice and reward our teachers.

Read Good to Great to find out the journey of Mr Basu.

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Good to Great






Rashmi Singh

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North Kolkata is one of the oldest parts of the city. 19th century architecture, old buildings, overpopulated slums, crowded bazaars and narrow alleyways, give the place a distinct aura. 

In one of the busiest sections of North Kolkata, lived Basu. He is kind-hearted, unassuming and shy. He is turning the corner of his fifth decade in life. In his young days, Basu was strongly influenced by Marxist thinking, like thousands other in Bengal. He was a strong advocate of social reforms. Busu gave two decades of his youth to bringing about social change.

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