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The Kaju Magnet

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Welcome to Bear County – the home of Bears. High up in the mountains, among the thick dark woodlands, hidden from the world, is the home of Bears.

Dive into the world of mighty bears and their love for food. The Kaju Magnet is a tale told with love and warmth by Sumathi Mohan. 

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Written By Sumathi Mohan

Published Dec 2016

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 Sumathi Mohan



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High up in the mountains, among the thick dark woodlands, hidden from the world, is the home of Bears. The Bear County. The Bears have chosen this inaccessible place to enjoy life in peace and solitude.

Bear County has over a thousand bears. The senior bears that run the County with a kindly iron fist are called the Big Five. 

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Big Brown is their leader and his primary responsibility is to keep the peace. He is the CEO of the Bear County.

Kannadi is the most intelligent among all the bears. He is a voracious reader. All bears approach Kannadi for information on the outside world. Kannadi is also a mad scientist and has several scientific inventions to his credit. 

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This story is about one such invention, called the Kaju Magnet.

     Kannadi’s brother, Mischievous Bear, is the exact opposite of Kannadi. While Kannadi loves to read books, Mischievous Bear never even picks up a comic book. Kannadi is well-behaved and quiet; Mischievous Bear is loud and never sits still for a second! 

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Although poles apart in temperament, both brothers are very close and love each other. They have another common love: food.

In fact, all the bears in the Bear County love food. But like all other things in life, some things are more loved than others. For the bears, the favorite food in the world is KAJU – the cashew nut. 

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