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Maya The Dolphin

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Animals are a unique gift of the divine. They become happy with a little show of affection and are content with a just a little attention.  This is the story of a rare friendship between a dolphin and a man.

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Chapter One


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This is a story of a beautiful dolphin, a kind man and a rare friendship.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful baby dolphin in the sea. She was a playful creature and she played all the time, day and night. She had a bunch of friends and they together travelled long distances playing and chasing each other. They had grown up together in this vast endless sea as their home.


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The seasons changed, the years passed by and the baby dolphin grew up into a beautiful and happy blessing of nature. 

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Animals are a unique gift of the divine. Their lives are simple, their needs are few and there is no complaining about anything. They are happy with a little show of affection and are content with a little attention.

Let’s now get back to our little dolphin.


As time went by, the little dolphin grew and then grew some more. Her friends grew even more. She remained the smaller one in the group. She loved the shore where they lived and wanted to stay there forever. 

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