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Experience the joy of reading @KidsMatter 

Illustrated Short Stories & Audio Books in English. Get to read books and stories in Hindi and Bengali soon. 

Multi-lingual reading : Read in different langauges like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu. More languages to be added. Pick from best-sellers or new releases.

Multi-lingual Audio Books : Audio Books in your own language or mother tongue. 


Books & Short Stories: New, Illustrated, warm, loving, value-based, moral stories and books.

Audio Books : Do you prefer listening to stories more than reading? Tune into short audio books. Short audio books available for beginners too.

Creative Writing "Write" - pen down your own stories and share it with us. Unleash your creative writing skills. We will publish selected stories by readers on KidsMatter platform.

Worksheets - Free downloadable practice worksheets for home assignments.

Categories : Animals, Fantasy, Great Lives, Indian roots, Poems, More to be added.
Hindi Short stories & Books : Now read hindi stories and books on KidsMatter/Hindi

Who are We:

KidsMatter is a digital publisher of children's books, illustrated short stories, audio books, worksheets and videos in English and other languages for pre-schoolers, age 6+, age 9+, age 13+ . The aim is to build language skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.

KidsMatter creates a transformative digital experience for children at home, in the classroom, among peer group, on-the-move or during holidays. KidsMatter is device compatible. Enjoy reading on desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile to suit your need. We have just started. 


Our objective: Read & learn at KidsMatter

Digital Storytelling for kids is KidsMatter's pedagogical approach to improve language skills like reading, listening, writing, vocabulary and grammar. Catalyse the language development of your child. There are numerous self-learning opportunities for K12 children through our online digital content library. We want to bring out the best in children by creating a wider choice basket of learning opportunities, beyond the conventional.

One of the most important skills in 21st century is language and communication with reading and writing at its core. Research says that if a child is not reading fluently by grade 4th, he/she will have difficulty reading into adulthood. There is a high correlation between good readers and good writers. KidsMatter is an innovative effort in creating well read and well connected global children.

Multilingual Learning

In the quest of learning English, we are also losing out on building a sound base in our mother tongue or native Indian languages. Many a times, great content is not easily available in vernacular languages. Our digital library will expand the collection of vernacular content for children and parents to enjoy. 

KidsMatter - Your Story Santa & your Digital GrandMa

KidsMatter brings to you the love and magic of grandma’s stories, the long standing tradition of storytelling from one generation to the other to build values and morals. These are fresh, warm, illustrated, new, original, international, cultural, knowledge-rich stories.

Every KidsMatter story is a magical ride into the world of imagination to land you eventually on a firm ground of language. And you can pick up wordy apples along the way.  

You are getting to read, listen, write, learn, practise and deep dive into the world of languages – all in one place.

Your search ends here - All content is curated for children.

New stories added weekly!!!

जितना अधिक आप पढ़ते हैं, उतना ही अधिक आप जानते हैं

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